Rare 1860s Jaques London 7″ Game Board w/ 16 Sequentially Numbered Hand-Painted Chinas


Condition: Wet Mint
Grade: 9.8
Size: 5/8″-21/32″

This very rare 1860s Jaques London game board features 16 sequentially numbered hand-painted glazed chinas in pristine condition. The original and mint condition 7″ game board has beautiful grain and a mahogany finish. The Jaques London name and registered seal is stamped into the back.  The marbles are all wet mint and range from 5/8″ to 21/32″.  The object of the game was to place the marbles so that the marbles in the connecting lines all total the same number when added together. There are 2 versions of this game a 9-marble and a 16-marble version.   The 16-marble version is extremely difficult to find and much rarer.  Most are incomplete.   Definitely a rare treat and must-have acquisition for the serious china collector.

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