Ribbon Core Swirls

Group of Ribbon Core Swirl marbles

Ribbon Core Swirls are the least common type of German handmade swirl.  Ribbon Core Swirls are identified by 1 or a pair of ribbons in the center of the marble.  Some will have thread pattern or a ribbon pattern outside.  If there is no ribbons or threads to decorate the outer portion of the marble at all, it is called a “Naked” Ribbon Core Swirl, and is more sought after.  Naked varieties are uncommon but are found more frequently in the Ribbon Core Swirls than other types of swirls.

Double Ribbon Core Swirls are constructed with two inner ribbons opposed to each other, and  are more common than a single ribbon core swirl.  Sometimes Double ribbon core swirls will be “capped” with small ribbons to close up the gap created by the two ribbons to give the illusion of a fat single ribbon, but is actually a double ribbon core swirl.  Capped Double Ribbon Core Swirls are uncommon.

Single Ribbon Core Swirls are a preferred type of swirl among collectors.  The thinner the central ribbon the better.  If it’s paper thin, it’s called a Razor Ribbon Core Swirl and is cherished among collectors.

Core colors vary and are not a major factor in value or collectability.  However some razor ribbons have completely transparent jelly colors or strips of see-through jelly in the ribbon, which typically demands a premium among collectors.

Any Ribbon Core Swirl that is an End of the Cane [EOC]– (which is a single pontil marble first off the cane where the ribbon and outside threads (if any) fan out and come to the surface opposite of the pontil), is a premium marble and is worth many multiples of a similar double pontil marble.

Ribbon Core Swirls in colored matrix glass are rare.

Another rarely seen variety of the Ribbon Core Swirl is the Latticino Ribbon Core Swirl (a ribbon constructed of spaced latticino threads), or the Double Latticino Ribbon Core Swirl (two ribbons made solely of spaced latticino threads).  These typically sell among collectors for more than a typical Ribbon Core Swirl.

Ribbon Core Swirls are most commonly found from 9/16” to 7/8” with the larger being worth more than the smaller.  The demand and price graduates steeply with anything 7/8” or larger, or peewee size (1/2” or under).   Large Ribbon Core Swirls that measure a full 2” or larger are very hard to find.

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