Group of Agate marbles

Agate marbles are handmade marbles made of carnelian agate.  The old ones are identifies as having tiny hand faceted marks across the surface of the marble.  The facets can be easily recognized as a flash of a light source reflection as you rotate the marble in your hand.  Sometimes they can be very tiny and difficult to see.

They come in a combination of colors ranging from black, gray, white, tan, brown and red, and the banding patterns can vary from no bands to rings, loops and V’s with sizes from peewee to over an inch.

Sometimes there are crystals as well.  This does not particularly increase an agate’s value, but can make it more appealing to some.

Any larger agates over an inch are more highly sought after. 

Rare varieties of agates are dyed agates.  These will typically be blue or green colors not typically found in nature.

Beware of sphere-machine made marble which will have no tiny surface facets.

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