Divided Core Swirls

Group of Divided Core Swirl marbles

Of all German handmade marbles, swirls are the most common.  Divided Core Swirls are the second most common type of swirl marbles, recognized as having an inner core of 3 or more ribbons that do not touch on the sides as they swirl from pontil to pontil, and some sort of outer stage decoration of ribbons or threads that are organized as groups or threads or less commonly as an evenly spaced cage.  Ribbons are less commonly found than threads for outer decore on Divided Core Swirls.

Sizes vary from peewee (1/2” or under) to maximum possible size, which is usually just under 2-1/2”.  Price gradually increases based on size.  Any that measure a full 2-1/2” or larger are much more valuable.

Any Divided Core Swirl that is an End of the Cane [EOC]– (which is a single pontil marble first off the cane where the ribbons and threads fan out and come to the surface opposite of the pontil), is a premium marble and is worth many multiples of a similar marble.

Divided Core Swirls in colored matrix glass are rare. 

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