Latticino Core Swirls

Group of Latticino Core Swirl marbles

Of all German handmade marbles, swirls are the most common.  Latticino Core Swirls are the most common type of German handmade swirl marbles, recognized as having an inner core of series of many threads organized in an inner cage or “lattice” as it often appears due to the twist of the marble.  Latticino swirls have some sort of outer stage decoration, usually of ribbons to contrast with the inner threads.   Outer threads are less commonly found if the core is a latticino design.

Sometimes one will find a Latticino Core Swirl with one thread different than the others.  This is called a signature core.  It is thought that the maker intentionally placed one thread of a different color among the core threads to identify his creation.  There is not a great increase in value for these, but it is a fun variety to look for.

Sometimes Latticino Core Swirls can have a segmented or divided core type pattern to the latticino threads, where the ring of inner threads is divided into panels or sections with a gap between them. This is an unusual variety and carries a premium value among collectors.

Core colors vary and are found from most common to rarest as follows:

  • White – (very common)
  • Yellow – (common)
  • Yellow/white – (difficult)
  • Orange – (difficult)
  • Orange/white – (difficult)
  • Red – (hard to find)
  • Red/white – (hard to find)
  • Any 2-color combo of Yellow, orange or Red – (very hard to find)
  • 3 or more colors – (very hard to find)
  • Light blue – (rare)
  • Light green – (rare)
  • Dark Blue or Dark Green (very rare)
  • Pink (extremely rare)
  • Black (nearly unheard of, but exists)

Any Latticino Core Swirl that is an End of the Cane [EOC]– (which is a single pontil marble first off the cane where the ribbons and threads fan out and come to the surface opposite of the pontil), is a premium marble and is worth many multiples of a similar double pontil marble.

Latticino Core Swirls in colored matrix glass are rare.

Latticino Core Swirls that have a core that is contiguous but sectioned into panels of 3 or 4 different colors is very rare.

Sizes vary from peewee (1/2” or under) to maximum possible size, which is usually just under 2-1/2”.  Price gradually increases based on size.  Any Latticino Core Swirls that measure a full 2-1/2” or larger are much more valuable and very hard to find.

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