Solid Core Swirls

Group of Solid Core Swirl marbles

Solid Core Swirls are German handmade marbles that are fairly common, but not as common as the Latticino Core Swirls. They are equally as common as Divided Core Swirls.

Solid Core Swirls are recognized as having an inner core that his solid and tubular in appearance rather than made from individual ribbons, or threads. The solid core extends through the center of the marble from pontil to pontil. Usually this type of swirl will have some sort of colored ribbon pattern directly attached to the core for decoration. Solid Core Swirls will typically be constructed with 2 stages, an inner solid core, and an outer layer of ribbons or threads as a suspended in the matrix glass near the surface (but not on the surface).

When treads are used they are usually used as organized sets of colored threads (typically white or yellow), but occasionally can be equally spaced, in which case they appear as a cage. 

In that case, the marble would be called a “Caged Solid Core Swirl.” If there is no outer layer they are called “Naked Solid Core Swirls.” Naked swirls of any core type are hard to find.

The inner core of a Solid Core Swirl can vary greatly in appearance and color combinations.  Usually the base color of the Solid Core Swirl will be white or yellow.  Occasionally it will be other colors such as blue, red, green, or orange. Black is a rare color for the primary base color for solid core swirls.

Variations of Solid Core Swirls that increases their rarity and demand includes those that have inner thread decorations on the core that are elevated off the core, making it essentially a “3-Stage Solid Core Swirl.”  Any 3-stage or 4-stage solid core swirl is rare, particularly if each stage is a distinct separate layer of ribbons or threads.

Another unusual and high-demand variety of Solid Core Swirls are those that have lobed or finned cores.  Instead of tubular core, “Lobed Solid Core Swirls” have flattened sides and appears square when viewed from the pontil.  “Finned or Ridged Solid Core Swirls” are even rarer and have deeply indented cores with the ridges coming to pointed fins and looks like a propeller when viewed from the pontil.  Often Finned or Ridged Solid Core Swirls will have the ridges trimmed in a color and the valleys lined with a color, making them quite striking.

Sizes vary from peewee (1/2” or under) to maximum possible size, which is usually just under 2-1/2”.  Price gradually increases based on size.  Any that measure a full 2-1/2” or larger are much more valuable.

An “End of the Cane Solid Core Swirl” [EOC]– (which is a single pontil marble first off the cane where the Core fan out like a trumpet and come to the surface opposite of the pontil), is a premium marble and is worth many multiples of a similar marble.

Solid Core Swirls are rarely found with colored matrix glass, and any “Colored Glass Solid Core Swirls” are rare.

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