Over 13/16″ Naked & Boldly Colored Double Razor Ribbon Swirl w/ Oxblood & a Reverse-Twist Pontil


Condition: Wet Mint
Grade: 9.9
Size: 13/16″ +

Over 13/16″ Naked Wide Double Ribbon Swirl with very bold colorful ribbons and a reverse-twist at the pontil. The Sea Foam Green and Yellow striped ribbon has a broad central stripe of OXBLOOD and edgers trimmed in OXBLOOD – not commonly seen in German handmade marbles!  Very attractive and hard to find variety in large size and pristine wet mint condition with a faceted pontil, dating this to before 1880. Hard to believe it’s survived over 140 years in this immaculate condition! Lots of people loved this one!

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