RARE! 15/16″ Same-Cane “Parallel Fused Cane” and “Broken Cane” Latticino Varieties


Condition:  MINT-
Grade: 9.35
Size:  15/16″

PAIR of Same-Cane Latts – Very HTF “Parallel Fused Cane” and “Broken Cane” Varieties. It is extremely rare to find both varieties of the same cane, indicating that the maker dropped and broke the cane in multiple pieces and repaired it to the best of his ability to make marbles from it. In one he fused the ends together, and you can see the offset fusion inside the marble. The other he melted two cane pieces in parallel, creating 2 latticino canes side by side in the marble. WOW.   A few very tiny ticks from handing.  Note: The minor dark specks on the broken cane marble was surface debris I was able to wipe off after the photos were taken.

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